About Journal


Addiction is a primary and chronic disease characterized by inability to refrain, impairment in behavioral control, and reduced recognition of significant problems with an individual behaviors and interpersonal relationships. Addiction is progressive and can result in disability or premature death. Addiction therapy methodologies and related researches help addicted individuals stopping compulsive drug seeking and use.

The Journal of Addiction Therapy and Research publishes manuscripts on different ongoing research and therapeutically-enabled solutions and initiatives in relation to addiction and its rehabilitation. The manuscripts published in the journal tends to be technically competent and surge original and fresh ideas in the sector of addiction therapy and research.

Reasons for Publishing

Every individual or patient suffering from any addiction has a unique perspective due to experience prior to and during addiction; therefore his or her experience in rehabilitation also requires unique therapeutic strategies and implementation. Moreover, there are enormous obstacles the doctors, counsellors and scientists face prominently in exploring the individual needs of each patient and providing opportunities to access diverse therapeutic options out in the community as well.

In order to address these issues, Heighten Science took the initiative through the Journal of Addiction Therapy and Research to publish manuscripts assisting holistic addiction treatment and enhancing skills of individuals involved in addiction therapy and research to regulate patients emotions to enhance readiness to stop addiction and turn their lives in a new direction.

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